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One Leader Can Change the Path of Many...

Are You THAT Leader?

I am very excited to announce the launch of the Emerging Leaders Coaching Series, a process dedicated exclusively for rising leaders and up-and-coming talent that aspire to be more intentional as they take their career to the next level.  Being a leader is one of the most difficult career challenges you can face and takes a specialized skill set to successfully transition from individual work to leading a team of highly productive individuals.


If you’ve vowed to up your game, it’s time for you join me for this powerful coaching experience. This is an opportunity to gain clarity and confidence with your real-world challenges, identify how you can impact your organization, and effectively process false priorities, phony assumptions, and limiting beliefs. 

Emerging Leaders Coaching Series: 
Because Everyone Deserves to Work for a Great Leader

It’s Real…

Leaders must understand the problems, identify actions. and determine how they can impact the organization.  Our engagement will be real time, with real issues, and real solutions.

  • Group meetings twice per month (F2F or Virtual, depending on group needs).  One week for a mastermind discussion, and another to focus on a monthly topic and leveraging it to improve your leadership capabilities.

  • Designed to be convenient for you. We will be flexible and adjust on the fly.

  • The group size is limited to 12, not less than 4.  Not too many to ensure you get the support and attention you deserve.  Not too few to ensure a quality dynamic and meaningful connections.


It’s Raw…

This nowhere-to-hide approach goes beyond the surface of what people say they do and helps to shed light on the dynamics of critical situations and behavioral patterns.

  • A cognitive & behavioral assessment to enhance your self-awareness based on how you are hard-wired.

  • A 360-assessment specific to how you ‘show up’ as a leader, designed to identify and prioritize your development opportunities and leadership skills (requires six-month commitment).

  • A personalized debrief, along with custom personalized reports as reference for subsequent coaching and action planning.


It’s Relevant…

We will meet in-person or virtually to discuss specific content related to your success as a leader.

  • Group Coaching:  Learn from others in a group setting with a focused intention.  Identify practical ways to improve your performance, be a better leader and get results.  Accountability Plans and Results Reporting are deployed to effectively track successes, outcomes, and additional opportunities.  Each meeting follows a common format designed for you to gain new skills and a clear plan to improve performance results during the next 30-days.

  • 1:1 Coaching:  These are phone calls/meetings with me 1X per month, scheduled in advance by you. Content is based on your unique needs to leverage strengths, develop challenge areas, and sustain your Accountability Plan(s) and results. We will discuss your most pressing matters - it’s your agenda, not mine.

How to join us:

This exclusive hybrid group coaching experience is available by application only – and a call with me to ensure we’re aligned and that it's a great fit for you.


Apply today by scheduling your call!