Founded on the belief that leaders of people within an organization have the greatest impact on business results, k2four Solutions provides highly experienced executive & management coaching and development resources that optimize people output and productivity to help organizations generate significant results through alignment of leadership behaviors and capabilities .  


Working with leaders of people at every level of an organization, we focus on leadership, strategy, and organizational alignment.  k2four Solutions engages with business leaders in customized ways to improve overall skills, performance, and engagement.  

Kristofor Gfell
Founder and Executive Coach

Kristofor Gfell, aka Kris, leverages over 15 years of Human Resources leadership experience as Owner of k2four Solutions. 

After dedicating nearly 14 years to the automotive industry for a prominent Tier 1 supplier, Kris’ strong desire was to share his business and expertise to offer uncomplicated, people-oriented solutions to organizations who place a high value on their human capital.  Kris loves to ask lots of questions so he can understand the problem and build a plan of action with clients that attends to their specific needs and objectives.   


A self-admitted HR geek, Kris has a passion for helping businesses succeed through leadership accountability and engagement.  Through his experience as a Certified Executive Coach, he believes that leaders at all levels of an organization play a crucial role in business success and failure, and therefore challenges his clients to think internally, change behaviors as necessary, and overcome limiting beliefs that are roadblocks to greater success.

When Kris isn’t doing awesome things with clients you will likely find him with his family.  Whether he is playing the role of taxi for Taekwondo and volleyball practice, mechanic for radio control cars, or passionately cheering on the Michigan Wolverines, he is most fond of holding the titles Dad and Husband.